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We craft innovative machinery solutions

KW Bread Packaging Systems is the only South African manufacturer of high-speed slicing machines, bagging machines and bag closure systems. The KW GROUP is one of few companies worldwide that can offer slicing, packaging and bag closure solutions.

Bread Packaging Units

We offer Packaging Solutions that enhance product attractiveness and preserve freshness.

Bag Closure Units

Bag Closure Units such as the Eurolock Bag Closure System operate up to a speed of 70 closures per minute.

Bread Slicer Units

Fully automated high-speed bread slicer units are designed for maximum efficiency.

Bag Tensioning Unit

Our Bag Tensioning Units are low maintenance, with operational functions designed around the ease of use.

Multi-functional Units

We also offer larger synchronized and automated dual Bread Packaging and Slicing Units.

Machinery Servicing & Spares

We offer a full range of spares and parts for all our Bread Packaging, Bread Slicing and Closure systems.
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Empowering SA Innovation Through Functional Employment

The KW GROUP pride themselves in creating and providing employment opportunities for people in Southern Africa such-as office work, engineering skills, maintenance, technicians and mass production labour.

Start Doing Business With Us Today

We have had around 25 years of experience in bagging and slicing. KW Bread Packaging Systems machines are bagging and slicing up to 250 million loaves per month within Africa. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today for industry leading products guaranteed.

International Growth

Currently we are doing business with up to 16 different countries. Our objective for 2016 is to extend our business to the overseas market like Europe and Germany. Our German plant is set to be launched during next year in Honnover.

Business Developments

At present Hannover is used mostly for development work. Over the last year we did a lot of development and we will be introducing a new clip application to the market shortly. It will have state of the art technology and will come with a 10 year guarantee.

Innovative Solutions

Our next project will be to upgrade and improve our slicer and bagger range with new technology to improve durability and reduce maintenance. The KW GROUP delivers a fully and locally manufactured Southern African products.

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